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Pioneering and Technology

All our methodologies have extensive research and scientific validation. We have been in the market for 17 years, which has generated countless acknowledgments, successful cases and a vast database.


We work with large companies in the strategy, analysis, elaboration and development of projects related to safety, risk prediction, fatigue, health, and others.


A comprehensive screening tool that seeks to investigate circumstantial and timely situations based on the analysis of each employee's readiness capacity.

Computerized Attention Test

​We offer the Computerized Attention Test (Neurophysiological Assessment) for periodic application with population analysis of the attentional capacity of the employees.


Our projects can be customized at the company's discretion, according to its activity, its risks and several other factors. Keeping the best cost/benefit ratio.


These are simple, sensitive, specific and predictive assessments that seek to identify the state of readiness from advances in neuroscience.

Advanced technology with educational focus, enabling behavior change, promoting more productivity with safety, fewer operational errors, expanding the channel of communication with the managers and consequently improvement of the quality of life at work.

The computerized readiness test is a daily screening tool that aims to investigate circumstantial and punctual situations based on the analysis of the capacity of individual readiness of each employee, identifying several behavioral parameters, as well as impulse control, reaction capacity, vigilance, physiological and social factors, among others. Robust Science methodology that provides a first opportunity for prevention and prediction of risk for company safety.

​Tool tailored for the reality of each company.

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​Dr. Hebert Wilson Santos Cabral

Scientific Technical Director

Professor at the Fluminense Federal University / Professor and Dean of Research at Emescam - Santa Casa de Misericórdia Superior School of Science in Vitória -, Doctor and Master in Neurology at UFF-RJ / Post-Doctor in Neurosciences by UFF-RJ / Specialist in Geriatrics by UFF-RJ / Specialist in Occupational Medicine by EMESCAM-ES.

Special highlight for his consulting services to companies such as ArcelorMittal Group, Samarco Mineração, Vallourec Mannesmann, Manserv, Anglo American, Gerdau, Vale and other large companies since 2003 developing behavioral projects to promote employee health and safety.

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17 years of application of the tool, with more than 25 thousand users and a database that adds 2 million test/year - this database, which exceeds the mark of 30 million tests, allows robust analysis and reports capable of profiling and elaborating risk predictors.
We operate in more than 10 companies - including Vale S.A., ArcelorMittal, Vallourec, Gerdau, Anglo American, Manserv - with offices around the country and the world (Oman).


Finalist in the international design awards ArcelorMittal: Performance Excellence Awards in the category Health & Safety
Recognition of Dr. Hebert WS Cabral for his contribution to scientific and technological development
Recognition of Dr. Hebert WS Cabral for the notorious contribution to scientific research
Title of Honor to Merit to Dr. Hebert WS Cabral, in recognition of the relevant services provided to the population, granted by the City Hall of Vitória


"...The FOCOS Computerized Test, in the near future, can favorably contribute to the health and safety management of all Brazilian aviation. "